What Are Bingo Wings?

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Bingo wings is the term used to describe the lose, flabby under arm fat which can be seen in the triceps area of women of any age. They are not wings at all and women cannot use them to fly. They present themselves often in middle aged women though can affect women of any age. If you have them you probably want to get rid of them.

The term was coined as when the affected arm is raised or shaken the area of lose upper arm fat is uncontrollable and the flapping motion looks a little like a wing. And because such a motion is required to call house in a game of bingo, and bingo is popular with women of a certain ago, the term came in to being.

If you are affected by them you know it can be a embarrassing to show your excess upper arm fat to the world. Instead you might like to wear dresses and blouses with long sleves to keep them hidden rather than expose your upper arms.

If you do have them then there are steps you can take to reduce the condition or even banish them all together and be once again proud to go back to sleeveless clothing. A little exercise allied with a sensible diet can work wonders in this respect.

Of course diet and exercise can bring you geater health benefits than being able to tone up that excess arm fat. A healthier lifestyle triggered by a desire to do something about it can make you feel better all around.

Banish those bingo wings and become a healthier, more confident you.

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