Video Poker Gambling

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Video poker gambling is a fun and easy way to try to win money. Everyone loves video poker because it is so simple and possibly lucrative. Playing cards is fun, but playing for money in a straight up situation cannot be beat.

Video poker gambling is based upon the Five Card Draw format of poker. This means that you are going to get five cards initially. You have the ability to hold any number of those cards. Once you have chosen, the computer will replace the cards you did not want to keep with different cards. That is your final hand.

Rules of Video Poker Gambling
Based upon what you have in your hand, you will win or lose. All video poker games will tell you what the minimum hand is in order for you to win or tie. Then, above that they will tell you what the prizes for getting really good hands. The winnings rise exponentially.

Since the standards to tie or double your bet are so low, you can play for a long time even if you are not really winning. This will raise your chances of landing a big hand. You can win hundreds or even thousands of dollars off of on small bet ($0.25).

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