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Casino Dealers Relying on Workers Union Ad For More Tips

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Casino dealers are in a tough situation. The majority of them are paid mostly in tips. So when the obnoxious player comes along and does not tip, dealers lives can be affected.

The Transport Workers Union of America has begun to try and deter gamblers away from not tipping dealers. The union represents dealers at Wynn and Caesars casinos in Las Vegas.

Their latest efforts are being poured into an advertising campaign that will ask the public to make sure they tip dealers when playing table card games.

“Most dealers rely on tips for the bulk of their income. We represent dealers on the casino floor, at the bargaining table, that is clear. Now, we will be their voice to the public. Until now, dealers lacked an association, union, or spokesman that could educate the public about the need to tip,” said TWU International President James C. Little in a statement regarding the ad campaign.

This may just be the first move for dealers. It is becoming commonplace around the country for dealers to join unions. They are finally standing up for what they feel they deserve.

The ad campaign will most likely not change how particular people tip dealers while playing. It will, however, put a bit of pressure on these people. It will give exposure to the dealers, which, in turn, should at least get people thinking about tipping.

Kansas Moving Slowly To Expand Gambling in The State

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Kansas made it official last year. Casino gambling is coming to the state. Last year’s law allows for four state owned casino resorts to be built. Private developers will run the casinos.

The state is moving slowly, however, towards having those casinos open. On Monday, it was announced that the Kansas Lottery Commission needs more time in negotiating contracts with the developers.

Executive Director Ed Van Petten has indicated that he will seek an extension from the Governor to allow for more time to negotiate. This month was the original deadline for the negotiations, but Van Petten believes he will get the extension.

Thirteen contracts are being negotiated by the Commission. They span four different zones. The extension for the negotiations would give them another sixty days to tie up all the loose ends.

Four of the proposals that have been received will eventually turn into the casinos. A review board is in charge of selecting which of the four proposals will be accepted by the state.

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