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In several states, people cannot go out to eat and enjoy their freedom by lighting a cigarette. The smoking ban holds true in all public indoor places in some states.

Casinos, in some of these states where smoking is banned, feel they have the right to be above the law. Much like the Indian tribes that run them, they feel they should be exempt from smoking laws.

They really have no basis for their argument. They are doing their best to scare lawmakers into allowing them to continue to let patrons smoke in their casinos.

In Pennsylvania, there has been actual testimony to how a proposed new smoking ban would hurt the casino industry. Then, in turn, tax revenue money that goes to the state would be down.

“If this legislation to ban smoking is passed without an exception for casinos, it would severely hinder our ability to continue our early success and our role as an economic development engine for Western Pennsylvania,” said Mike Jeannot, Administration Director of The Meadows.

So there you have it. Casinos must be exempt from the smoking ban or else. There is no way any of these casinos will be able to market themselves if not for cigarette smoking.

Smokers will no longer gamble if they are not allowed to smoke. Arguments against casino gambling have long fought that the reason for their opposition is the fear of addiction.

Now, that theory goes out the window. All of those people who were at risk of gambling addiction, have now been healed by a smoking law.

If smoking bans are that affective of a deterrent against gambling, then treatment centers should use the technique. Any smoker who comes for treatment for a gambling addiction, must leave their cigarettes at the door. Then, magically, once inside the treatment center with no cigarettes, they are cured of their gambling problem.

It is not that easy to help problem gamblers, so it makes the argument that smoking is needed to reach maximum revenue, ridiculous.

Casino owners would be better off just saying, “We’re a casino. We’re above the law. Let our patrons smoke.” Then, at least, these owners would not be insulting our intelligence.